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Casey’s Story

“I joined Hub City CrossFit in January of 2011 for the sole purpose of losing weight, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had joined traditional gyms in the past but would never see any results. Probably because I would run on a treadmill and lift some weights two or three days a week, never having anyone to push me, motivate me, or show me proper techniques. After a few months I would lose interest and stop going. That is exactly why CrossFit works and why HCCF in particular is such an awesome environment to transition into a healthy lifestyle. Being able to workout in a group and in a competitive nature keeps me excited every day to come back for more, plus ever changing workouts keeps from becoming mundane. Not only can you get knowledgeable advice on eating healthy but being held accountable to show up and work hard also keeps me in line with my diet. Cody and Tiffani are great coaches, they do not force anything on you but give good instruction and push you to be better. They want you to meet your goals as much as you do which is a far cry from the traditional gym.

The first month of CrossFit was tough, I thought I wouldn’t make it through the WOD some days. I was sore for weeks at a time, but that soreness reminded me of how hard I worked and knowing that I was improving myself which kept me coming back. After one year I’m glad to say that I am still sore after many workouts but I am always improving.

While I started HCCF to lose weight I stay to get faster, stronger, jump higher, run farther and lift more weight every day. I am addicted to the feeling of accomplishment every time I leave the box. CrossFit has changed my life, I truly believe I would not and could not have made the changes I have without Hub City CrossFit and its family.”

–  Casey