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Gaohong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Professional focus Research and development production sales of pharmaceutical chemical food machinery

position:DFSJ-315 type multifunctional crusher
Working principle:
Material from the hopper by the screw conveyor to the grinding chamber at high speed rotation of the blade (needle stick) between the ring gear and impact, cutting, grinding and was crushed, powder discharge machine chamber through the sieve, grain size by replacing obtain different pore size screen.
The main purpose:
The machine consists of host, auxiliary equipment, electrical control box of three parts, mainly used in crushing and processing chemicals, dyes, additives, feed, food, medicine, and non-metallic ore and other materials of low hardness, high yield, size small, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, easy installation, etc., especially suitable for crushing and processing industry, medicine, food.
Screen structure:
These screens can be used with a turbine-type rotor and the wing plate used in conjunction with different mesh configuration for different products and fineness.
Technical Date:
Size of input granules(mm)
Size of output granules(mesh)
Main motor power(kw)
Overall size(L×W×H)(mm)

Jiangyin Gaohong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Jiangyin Gaohong Machinery
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Gaohong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Product application

Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food, rubber, plastics and other industries. As a special equipment of the front road, it is hard and difficult to crush the material including plastic, rubber and so on.